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Antaidian is the band. Burn is the first single.

Antaidian is original neosoul made by Terri MacMillan, Nick Clegg and Miho Abe.

Antaidian is a character in one of my short stories. Burn is the story of a long ago heartbreak. Badly-requited love can leave a badly scarred heart. The lyrics came on their own, we refined it, and Nick created the melody.

Long ago, I used to manage bands, including a few that became kind of well known, like Pizzicato Five, Buffalo Daughter and FEED. Of course, I wanted them to succeed. But I’ve been an artist all my life – I love being on stage, and I love writing poetry. As the years speed by, I decided that I should be the artist after all. So finally, at 58, I’ve found my musical soulmates and this journey begins with Burn…

I kinda wish I had something more profound to say. I’m not sure how/if it will be received. But I am infinitely glad to have it in the world.

The song is rolling out online worldwide via CDBaby. The links below will click through to your local iTunes, I think. Or a regular search on your store of choice might do it as well.

On Sound loud, look for tokyoterri burn, and you’ll find it.