My latest newsletter is in part about why I don’t look up much when I’m outside. Which is true. I find it more comforting to watch the ground and check in front of me. It’s just a habit. I’m not trying to change it utterly; I don’t want to fall down if I can help it. But I know that the night had inspired so many people I admire, and I want to pay a little more attention. 

I don’t live in the countryside, but in a mixed use area. Having said that, there have been absolutely beautiful sunsets right outside my door. But that’s an easy way to get used to looking up. I was thinking about getting something cool and cute and will bring the night sky inside, as a way to remind me to pay more attention. I also wanted to  learn how to use Amazon affiliate links.

So I found this guy:


Star Projector Galaxy Night Light – Astronaut Space Buddy Projector, Starry Nebula

$49 (might be even less now)

LED Lamp with Timer and Remote, Adults Kids Room Decor, Gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day

Adorable! A little toy like, but very cute and if I don’t knock him over, pretty durable. 

For those of us who are focused on the ground, this might be a lovely little reminder to look up – there’s so much beauty up there too!

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