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Hey there, It’s me!

I was never great at living consciously. And this hospital stay didn’t help, for the first few long, painful, irritating and nerve-wracking weeks.


When I found out better-than-I-expected health news, that coincided with a national Japanese holiday and therefore no procedures or needles were expected because my life-saving doctors were on vacation, I felt a real sense of release.

Even before my hopes for my actual release.

I am not a medical professional in any way, and if you’re having to deal with a hospital stay, I wish for you great news and healing no matter what the situation is.

Part of learning to live meant that I needed to decide how much information I could take in. I’m fortunate to have family who helped me process the medical information (my closest two are Questioners, so they love to find the info. See Gretchen Rubin’s ‘Four Tendencies’ framework for more on Questioners and the other frameworks:

To assert some positive control, I started making a list of the things I wish I had brought with me for this hospital stay. I also wanted to note the things I could do to make a positive difference for myself and everyone around me in the hospital.

When I finished the list, thought I should give it to my community of readers, in case you find yourself or a loved one in this situation.

More detail

This is a list of things to bring for that hospital stay, because they may not be readily available.

It’s meant for hospitals in Japan, because that’s where I am; of course, please adjust for your own location/situation/preferences.

Click here for the list:

It’s a Google Doc. And let me tell you – I contemplated trying to create multiple country-specific versions. But of course, that’s where I get in my own way. So, you’ll be able to use the list in the way that works best for you.

I am wishing you/your family/friends all the very best.

Also, yaay science!!!
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