I just had my first getting to know you session with Mitch, my new online fitness trainer. He’s here:

We did a nice long Skype session about my goals, challenges, etc. Some things I learned about myself:

Number 1 reason to get fit? To avoid pain. Pain of hospital tests and treatments, pain of falling because I’m not strong or balanced enough, pain of breaking something, pain of being sick etc.

Number 2 reason to get fit? To be completely able to do whatever I want to do with my body, as I am trying to do with my mind (i.e., learning keyboard and guitar, forcing myself to learn Japanese, etc)

Number 3 reason to get fit? So my body matches my face – people often say I look in my thirties or forties not my actual age of 58. I know it has more to do with my spirit and my face than with the way my body looks. And that’s fixable.

I showed him my little treasure trove of weights, my mighty bicycle, and my tiny apartment floor. Later I’ll take pics of the many supplements and shake things that I have but don’t use, hardly at all. Good time to throw expired things out, actually. I’ve accumulated so many of them over the years, and only a few actually recommended by my docs. So, clean up time.

And I’ll send pics of what I eat. don’t need to worry about macros for now. He’s coming up with a plan based on ‘where I am right now’ – which is exactly what I want.

He’s very easy to talk with, which feels like more of a fit for my personality.

I talked a bit about the fact that, while I am certainly inspired by the fantastic Black moms who are getting fit and taking care of themselves, lots of whom are rather religion-based, I realise that there should be a place on the internet where a blissfully child-free agnostic can work some Black woman magic and perhaps inspire a few other like-bodied, like-minded folks.

Okay, time to move.

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