Being inconsistent is my main morning habit.

But I know I can do better, and I want to. Got a few key projects bubbling, and I intend to bring them to a boil. That means doing little planned things every day, instead of the big world-changing revelations that my ego believes it requires. Since I know planning is a big percentage of the battle, I’m planning, then doing. Little bit of planning, like setting up my browser-based online courses so it’s easy to roll out of bed and use them. Little bit of doing, studying in concentrated bites, rather than going for long sections of time, and failing. Little bit of planning, like figuring out the chicken and tofu and veggies for my crockpot, then preparing to grab them and go. Little big of doing, like, um, grabbing and going  🙂

How will I know it’s working? If I actually publish more, because I’m making more and so have more to publish.



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