What I re-learned from ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

  hopefully you’re seeing the trailer. if not, here’s the link: https://youtu.be/14EztMXh5vQ I was thinking about Star Wars as just one cultural touchstone in my life and decided to make a timeline of those first films that drew me into the universe. Episode IV — A New Hope May 25, 1977 When I was 19: I graduated from Music & Art high school the year before, figuring out Pell Grants to attend

Dine with a ‘heartland’ racist?

So, I read this article: Heartland Democrats to Washington: You’re Killing Us Heartland Democrats to Washington: You're Killing Us AUSTIN, Ind.-Steering his white Dodge Ram while wearing a tan knit cap, a drab green Carhartt coat and a smear of brown…www.politico.com In the parking lot, Goodin ran into a man wearing a well-worn cap with a well-known slogan: “Make America Great Again.” Delmis Burns, I would learn later, drives a
life in tokyo

making my morning make sense

Being inconsistent is my main morning habit. But I know I can do better, and I want to. Got a few key projects bubbling, and I intend to bring them to a boil. That means doing little planned things every day, instead of the big world-changing revelations that my ego believes it requires. Since I know planning is a big percentage of the battle, I'm planning, then doing. Little bit