writing exercise: It’s my belief that we’re all crazy now!

There’s no safety in the depths of his voice, although he’s saying things that ought to make me feel…secure. I’m just moving along beside him, hoping that we’ll get to someplace with more people. And maybe lights. At least he hasn’t tried to take my hand again. The street is quieter than I’ve ever heard it. Where is everybody? There’s a lot of weird purple cloud over by the playground.

you could have asked me…(#black lives matter)

These lyrics came to me months ago, after an impassioned conversation with my bandmate Nick. We were talking about how incomprehensible it is to us to want to enslave, to oppress, to belittle, to bully, anybody. Never mind actually doing it. Doesn't mean we don't have prejudices, fears, concerns about people who may look and act different. But he, as a white British guy and I, as an African American