On Thursday January 7, I just said no to refined sugar. No cookies, candies, etc. Soft drinks aren’t a problem for me. Sugar addiction and emotional eating are.

I was feeling sick and awful. Bloated, in pain. Rampant asthma. Out of control. Stupid and sad. Not the good kind of older.

My asthma (should say ‘the asthma’-I don’t want to own it) was bad enough that I took off from work.

When I made the decision last Friday, there was no blinding light. I always know what’s best for my body, because I live with the results. It’s doing the right thing that has been so hard.

I haven’t precluded all processed foods; I allow myself honey in my Greek yogurt, maple syrup in my morning Nutrbullet shake. But that’s it.

The Nutribullet breakfast has been hard to arrange every morning, but I’m getting there. Thanks to the crockpot, rice cooker  and convection oven, lunch and dinner are super easy: quinoa in the rice cooker, chicken breasts with veggies in the crockpot , and roast veggies in the oven. I’m working on packaging up all the lunches at once, so it’s grab and go.

Now to better incorporate yoga/Pilates and weights into my schedule.

I also started using RescueTime  and Chronos to help track my time.

Speaking of which, time to head out into the day and get things done. My kind of snow day 🙂

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