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some days I drink water (everyday, actually)

I like my water fizzy. Tap water is a little too blah. My personality requires me to be just a bit ’extra’ so I can feel like I’m fulfilling the role my parents made me for, which is artist. All things considered I haven't done so well being an artist myself. I’ve supported artists, like the years spent co-managing Pizzicato Five: was backstage breathing a sigh of relief) I’ve
sometimes I make art

some days I make art

I’m turning to the easiest way to make something. This is coming a bit late. I started a course by one of my favorite teams, beta and beyond, called: “A Creation a Day” Flash Challenge (March 1 – 31, 2020) It was amazing seeing folks take the challenge seriously and make lovely things. I tried, but between no creative consistency and the time zone difference (sigh), I didn’t publish