morning coffee

Stuff that keeps the panic away

Not completely away, if I’m honest. But far enough that, if I look with my spiritual eye — the one that can hardly see with because of older age and a bunch of other things — I can take that breath that lets me decide to look away. I’ve spent too much time looking too deeply into what being American actually means. And it broke a bunch of things in me. Some expectations gentled

I was thinking about how much I want to be Neil Gaiman

and coming, once again, to the conclusion that: a. it would be uncomfortable for everyone involved. Neil‘s a great-hearted soul, but there’s a limit. And who knows how Amanda Palmer would react! b. if he knew, he would scold me gently that he loves his life and that he also loves mine, and that I am selling myself short as an artist, as a writer, as a singer, as a creative soul. I