some days I drink water (everyday, actually)

I like my water fizzy. Tap water is a little too blah.

My personality requires me to be just a bit ’extra’ so I can feel like I’m fulfilling the role my parents made me for, which is artist.

All things considered I haven’t done so well being an artist myself. I’ve supported artists, like the years spent co-managing Pizzicato Five:
(I was backstage breathing a sigh of relief)

I’ve fallen in love with artists’ work, like Neil Gaiman, who I’ve been reading since the ’Books of Magic’ days. And who I got to spend a little time with in Tokyo some years ago. And who is every bit the mensch he seems to be, and more.

And I’ve done forays into collaborating with local beloveds Sabolitai on a few things that are out in the world.

But what I realised, in the now time, is that I only grant myself the description artist when I publish something, anything, in the outer world. My inner gallery is filled to bursting, and all it means is clutter.

I’m trying to use the tools I have and publish a thing each day. I’m trying to balance the time I spend online fighting the American right with restorative creativity. As an artist, I am a citizen, and as a citizen, I am an artist.

If you’ve been thinking about putting something out into the world, the perfect time to do it is now.

Sabolitai: City, our first release, is out. yup.

City by Sabolitai
City by Sabolitai

Yes indeed, the first release of the collaboration with my musical soulmates is out.
Sabolitai are:
Nick: synths, writes music, performs
Miho: vocals, piano, drums
Terri: writes words, melodies, the occasional drum machine thingie

Like most artists, we’re not great at categorising ourselves. On CDBaby, we said:

Quirky, electronic, synth-based alternative Japanese pop

Who did it?
Music by: Nick Clegg
Produced by: Nick Clegg
Lyrics by: Terri MacMillan
Label: Hakubishin Music
Published by: Hakubishin Music
Executive Producer: Stephen Clegg
Recorded and mixed by: Nick Clegg
Recorded at Otterchan Studios
Mastered by: Kevin Paul
the thrill
of rising
you’re fighting
your way
through the dark grey overhead
Look up and lift up
Come on and stay
And if you give up
Then no one, no one
Gives a damn
Light dawns slowly 
You can’t see the sky
But you know it’s there so
Look up
Lift up…
Your heart
will fill up
it’s time
to carry
moving forward
once again
Light dawns slowly 
You can’t see the sky
But you know it’s there so
Look up
Lift up…
Light dawns slowly 
You can’t see the sky
But you know it’s there so
Look up
Lift up…