Black people and Native people have told mainstream white Americans that racism would be America’s undoing. You didn’t listen because you were comfortable. That impulse to ignore is human.

We didn’t have that luxury.

How many Black Americans or Native Americans are your neighbors? Your beloved elders? If none, why is that?

Liberals and pragmatic progressives have been telling you to watch out for the republican party for years. We built up receipts while right wingers like the Lincoln Project people ignored that truth. Media types are all in the ‘elite’ media club, so that means the liberal voices who’ve been right for decades don’t get heard.

Change that – find your local liberal voices and amplify the heck out of them.

Quit bashing the Democratic Party. We’re the real bulwark against this traitorous shit. Both-siderism is a conservative ploy, a permission structure for knee-jerk responses from media and citizens who aren’t paying attention. Pay attention!

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