Black people and Native people have told mainstream white Americans that racism would be America’s undoing. You didn’t listen because you were comfortable. That impulse to ignore is human.

We didn’t have that luxury.

How many Black Americans or Native Americans are your neighbors? Your beloved elders? If none, why is that?

Liberals and pragmatic progressives have been telling you to watch out for the republican party for years. We built up receipts while right wingers like the Lincoln Project people ignored that truth. Media types are all in the ‘elite’ media club, so that means the liberal voices who’ve been right for decades don’t get heard.

Change that – find your local liberal voices and amplify the heck out of them.

Quit bashing the Democratic Party. We’re the real bulwark against this traitorous shit. Both-siderism is a conservative ploy, a permission structure for knee-jerk responses from media and citizens who aren’t paying attention. Pay attention!

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#100wordhabit Writing

#100wordhabit-this was my ‘one of those days’ and it’s not over yet!

There’s a determined sabatoge-y feeling running grinning savagely under whatever your priorities are. The train to the key meeting is delayed. The communication lines crossed so that your compadre is where you’re supposed to be and you? You are somewhere else entirely. And so the traveling and walking and checking continue.

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#100wordhabit Writing

#100wordhabit – changing my great starter, bad finisher habits

I may have an opportunity to do something that I didn’t look for, wasn’t expecting, but if it happens it will change my life for the better, I’m not joining an MLM or going on a banana-only diet or anything like that.

Because I’m a great starter and a shitty finisher of personal projects, I’m documenting this process as I go. I’m writing in the framework of David Kadavy’s 100words a day project. It’s money-free, but costs time and attention and I think it will help exercise my writing muscle.

Hey, I got to 90!

So, this is the idea: up, do my ablutions, write my 100 words, research and write my newsletter, plan the art I’ll create for the newsletter, do all the things that are necessary to promote the newsletter, work on my artshop, etc etc. No, I won’t be able to do all of this in a 1 hour block in the morning. Yes, I have to schedule this so I get an hour of Japanese study, plus exercise. No, I’m not sure yet how I’ll do it.

But it’s so much fun to try!

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