image inspiration? Jimi Hendrix.
after all, we’re both African American Cherokees. I’m hoping to someday be as awesome and moving as a singer songwriter as he is a songwriter guitarist. he’s an early inspiration for me, when I was rebelling against the set life I was expected to lead: church, classical, more church, straight A’s, marry, have kids, settle down, community pillar.
those are all good things to be, to have. I appreciate them more now, in my late 50’s, then I ever did in my 20’s. but they are not for me.
I have a contrary nature and I love the illusion of freedom.
yes, illusion. death is the ultimate reason why even my illusion of freedom will end.
but until it does, I fight back, babysnake.
I hold on to my freedom by struggling to get to be a better me. There’s unexpected freedom in that struggle. small gains mean a lot. there is a power to saying I will do something that I don’t have to do, and following through.
there is a dream of a someone, listening to my music, and tears begin, or uncontrollable smiles, or the need to sit down and work with me as I work out the ongoing theme of how to keep moving my own life forwards, upwards, onwards.
I am not remote. I am right in her head. I live in her dreams. I am arrogant enough to think that I can find a place in his heart, popping in when he least expects it.
sharing my vision of free.

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