Kevonstage interviews Tabitha Brown

I think I am taking advantage of the very religious yet very modern Black folks  who I follow and enjoy to allay my anger about religion. The ubiquity of it in the Black community. The fact that churches and spirit were(are) key drivers and refuges for us in the deeply fucked up and unfair situations we found(find) ourselves in in America.

The fact that I grew up in my Daddy’s  church,  sang in the choir, played the piano, was involved and agonized over how to pay the rent in the lower working class neighborhoods I grew up in. 

The fact that hearing the glorious sounds of choir  still move me as they always have.

But also the fact that, as I get older, I have less faith in a deity and more faith in something I call the human spirit. Which  doesn’t  require  a building or  a tithe. Which includes actions and results  that I can see.

I am grateful for the  wonders of  spirit  and solace that the church  provided  my parents. I am irritated by certain exclusionary sects that have snatched the support of  my  own family – but I also know how to keep my mouth shut, because neither of us is  open to change, so…

Anyway,  I say all that to say that when Kevin and Tabitha constantly reference religion, I’m softening to the point that I can  laugh with them and not feel like I want to fight. 

And that, I suppose, is a good development.

Here’s the link to this episode of ‘Coming to the stage’:

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