some days I drink water (everyday, actually)

I like my water fizzy. Tap water is a little too blah.

My personality requires me to be just a bit ’extra’ so I can feel like I’m fulfilling the role my parents made me for, which is artist.

All things considered I haven’t done so well being an artist myself. I’ve supported artists, like the years spent co-managing Pizzicato Five:
(I was backstage breathing a sigh of relief)

I’ve fallen in love with artists’ work, like Neil Gaiman, who I’ve been reading since the ’Books of Magic’ days. And who I got to spend a little time with in Tokyo some years ago. And who is every bit the mensch he seems to be, and more.

And I’ve done forays into collaborating with local beloveds Sabolitai on a few things that are out in the world.

But what I realised, in the now time, is that I only grant myself the description artist when I publish something, anything, in the outer world. My inner gallery is filled to bursting, and all it means is clutter.

I’m trying to use the tools I have and publish a thing each day. I’m trying to balance the time I spend online fighting the American right with restorative creativity. As an artist, I am a citizen, and as a citizen, I am an artist.

If you’ve been thinking about putting something out into the world, the perfect time to do it is now.

some days I make green tea

some days I make green tea

There is the coffee I greet the morning with. Turmeric, pepper, nutmeg, a pinch of ginger, and Ceylon cinnamon, plus milk, and a smidgeon of Manuka honey.

Then there’s the green tea I tend to make when it’s around 6:00 (or 18:00 if you’re here in Tokyo). I look at how much I have achieved, and it’s so, so easy to just…collapse in on myself, like a decade-old exercise ball. But I am determined, in the midst of this particular pandemic, to sidestep Resistance, so named by one of my invisible coaches, Steven Pressfield:

Resistance Will Kill You

If you don’t believe me, look around at friends and family who have talent and ambition in spades … but are drinking, doping, abusing themselves and their loved ones, wasting their lives because they can’t get out of their own way and do the work they were put on this planet to do. Trust me: you will NEVER, NEVER achieve your dreams until you learn to recognize, confront, and overcome that voice in your head that is your own Resistance.

There is no good reason under the sun for me to ignore this. At 62, it’s more important than ever before that I sidestep, even perhaps honor, Ms. Resistance. She lives here with me as I shelter in place. She is relentless and delighted at my least effective impulses.

But I think she may be a friend in disguise. If I put my work out there, I am exposing my ego to…whatever. Since she knows that I am a genial hermit, she believes that she is my shield of armor. Don’t start none, won’t be none, so to speak. Instead, she is my obstacle.

So, I will sit in the chair each day, and do my work. I will wave at Ms. Resistance, smile, and let her know, gently, that I’m gonna do it anyway.

Then see what happens.

some days I make art

sometimes I make art

I’m turning to the easiest way to make something.

This is coming a bit late. I started a course by one of my favorite teams, beta and beyond, called:

“A Creation a Day” Flash Challenge (March 1 – 31, 2020)

It was amazing seeing folks take the challenge seriously and make lovely things. I tried, but between no creative consistency and the time zone difference (sigh), I didn’t publish nearly enough.


One thing I have learned during this enforced time at home is that I can make anything, and I can publish it, and it doesn’t matter if only I like it.

Hence, this.